Today’s Solutions: June 18, 2024

Gray cat enjoying fresh catnip.

The real reason behind why cats freak out over catnip

Cats’ reaction to catnip - and its Asian counterpart silvervine - is truly a sight to be seen. Our household pets start aggressively rolling, rubbing, chewing, and licking it like they have been possessed by these plants' taste and aroma. A team from Iwate University has recently published a Read More...

Researchers discover why catni

Researchers discover why catnip makes such a great insect repellent

Spring and summer bring warmer weather and longer days, but they also bring back pesky insects like mosquitoes and flies that can make time outdoors uncomfortable. Fortunately, it turns out catnip is the perfect backyard bug repellant, and researchers from Northwestern and Lund universities have Read More...

Coconut oil is better than the

Coconut oil is better than the common repellent at keeping mosquitos away

Researchers have found another benefit of coconut oil: the oil performs better at protecting against malaria-carrying mosquitos than the active chemical ingredient in most insect repellents. Not only is the oil healthier, but it can also provide protection for up to two weeks while working against Read More...