Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

Alphabet creates coronavirus f

Alphabet creates coronavirus fund to continue pay for impacted employees

The coronavirus’s impact on the global economy is frightening and uncertain. The Optimist Daily is finding positivity in this volatile time with the help of our partners at Just Capital. They have shared numerous stories this week about finding the economic silver lining in the dark cloud of a Read More...

Bank of America has achieved c

Bank of America has achieved carbon neutrality a year ahead of schedule

In an effort to become more sustainable, Bank of America has achieved its goal of carbon neutrality. Even better: it did so a year ahead of schedule. The carbon-neutral status is still pending third party approval, but the company achieved its carbon footprint reduction by reducing Scope 1 and 2 Read More...

JUST Capital releases list of

JUST Capital releases list of 2020’s most just companies

Where you spend your money sends a message about the companies you support, so how do the companies you buy from stack up in terms of corporate ethics? What corporate actions are most important to you? JUST Capital, an organization dedicated to monitoring and assessing corporate behavior, Read More...