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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

scientist engineering chemicals in test tubes in lab

This bacteria "eats" carbon emissions and makes useful chemicals

Scientists at LanzaTech in Illinois have engineered some exciting new bacteria that actually transform carbon dioxide into ethanol and isopropanol, compounds used in paint remover and hand sanitizer. Michael Köpke and his colleagues went on a hunt for strains of the ethanol-producing bacterium, Read More...

Unilever develops detergent ca

Unilever develops detergent capsules made from recycled carbon emissions

Did you know that your laundry detergent is most likely made from fossil fuels? The key ingredients that produce foam and do away with dirt are called surfactants, which are derived from petroleum. Surfactants are also found in other cleaning products such as dish soap. Fortunately, Read More...

A biotech company is using emi

A biotech company is using emissions to produce a palm oil substitute

Lipids and omega-3s serve as the foundation for many foods and fuel, but the problem is that they are typically produced in ways that are damaging to the planet. For instance, omega-3 fatty acids are usually sourced from farmed fish, which are commonly fed smaller, wild-caught fish. This is Read More...