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Creeping thyme on lawn

Six eco-friendly, edible ground cover alternatives to the grassy lawn

Given the environmentally intensive practices it takes to maintain, it’s high time the traditional lawn makes way for more sustainable alternatives, demands fewer resources, and can even make a great addition to your culinary ingredients. Replacing only part of your lawn with edible ground Read More...

Help bolster the UK’s be

Help bolster the UK's beetle populations after a cold and rainy spring

If you’ve ever been to the UK in early June, you’re likely to remember the lovely, temperate weather, high tea in the garden, and perhaps the presence of beetles on the prowl for a mate. June is known as peak beetle season as many species are looking to reproduce. Stag beetles in particular put Read More...

This startup is transforming f

This startup is transforming front lawns into neighborhood farms

American households use more than 7 billion gallons of water per day just to tend to their lawns. Some experts estimate that up to 50 percent of that water is wasted due to evaporation, wind, or runoff. But what if we could use those lawn spaces for something more meaningful, such as growing local Read More...

5 New Year’s resolutions for

5 New Year’s resolutions for aspiring gardeners

There’s hardly an activity as healthy and rewarding as gardening. Not only does gardening allow you to grow your own food and beautify your yard, it also helps you slow down, live a simpler life, and exercise. If you’re someone who enjoys setting New Year’s resolutions, consider adding Read More...

Why it’s time to get rid of

Why it’s time to get rid of lawns, the No.1 irrigated “crop” in America

Is there a greater symbol of life in suburban America than the lawn? Probably, but the point is that lawns are incredibly common for households in the U.S. That’s a problem since lawns are awful for the planet. Our addiction to lawns means that grass is the single largest irrigated agricultural Read More...