Today’s Solutions: June 12, 2024

close up of fisher's hand holding freshly caught scallop

Scallop-attracting LED “disco” lights lead to more eco-friendly fishing technique

Marine scientists have accidentally stumbled upon an unexpected technique for catching scallops that has the potential to reduce some of the environmental damage caused by conventional fishing practices. Dr. Rob Enever, a specialist in reducing the impacts of fishing on the marine environment, Read More...

Protect your neighborhood inse

Protect your neighborhood insects this spring with amber-hued lights

Insects play a big role in our ecosystems. They provide decomposition and nutrient cycling services, pollinate crops, and are a food source for birds and other animals. In monetary terms, researchers have valued the services insects offer various ecosystems at $57 billion per year in the US Read More...

This cheap mineral is making L

This cheap mineral is making LED lighting technology far more efficient

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) may be the most energy efficient light-generating technology we have now, but scientists have found a way to make them even more efficient. Using perovskite, a mineral found abundantly in the Earth’s mantle, as the semiconductor, the LED can produce light more Read More...