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We are still here

From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014 Photographer Jimmy Nelson pays tribute to indigenous peoples—while it is still possible. Jimmy Nelson received international praise 25 years ago when he published his first photos of Tibet, which had been inaccessible up until then. Since … [Read more...] about We are still here

The reason of faith

Religious scholar Karen Armstrong on how we lost the knack for religion—and why we need to get it back. Michael Brunton | Sept/Oct 2009 issue Modern science knows how to fix a hole in the heart. It can diagnose a hole in the ozone layer and prove the existence of black holes at … [Read more...] about The reason of faith

The funny side of faith

Carmel Wrothl | August 2009 issue Mullah Nasrudin is a medieval folk hero claimed by many countries, including Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. He’s part court jester, part Socratic philosopher, and the many tales of his sayings and adventures are popular throughout the Middle East … [Read more...] about The funny side of faith