Today’s Solutions: June 12, 2024

Himalayan salt lamps can boost mood, improve sleep, ease allergies, reduce anxiety and clean the air.

These 6 lighting tips will boost your mood and your health

At a time when sustainable and healthy living is at the forefront of many of our minds, the issue of lighting becomes a contested one. While LED (light-emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent light) lights have gained popularity for their energy efficiency, these kinds of lights tend to leave Read More...

Lighting systems that mimic na

Lighting systems that mimic natural light can help the elderly sleep better

Elderly residents of nursing homes have a tendency to fall asleep at any hour of the day. The problem with this is that they can get a bit too much sleep during the day, meaning they have periods of wakefulness during the night. This can lead to a vicious cycle of fragmented sleep, which can put Read More...

Pee-power toilet to improve sa

Pee-power toilet to improve safety for women in disaster areas

Oxfam’s technology challenge to the University of the West of England in Bristol is about to pay off. The global aid agency has been looking for a technology to turn pee into power in order to light toilets and bathrooms in refugee camps and other places, in order to improve safety for women. Read More...