Today’s Solutions: June 19, 2024

Study: Pecans prove effective

Study: Pecans prove effective in lowering high cholesterol

Researchers at the University of Georgia have identified a tasty way to treat a person’s unbalanced cholesterol levels: pecans. Yes, it turns out this tree nut doesn’t just contribute to delicious pies and tarts—in fact, as dietary interventions go, this one was extremely successful in Read More...

5 Ways to naturally lower your

5 Ways to naturally lower your cholesterol

You’ve probably been told that cholesterol is bad for you, but in reality, the situation is a little more complex. Our bodies have two types of cholesterol: LDL, or bad cholesterol, and HDL, or good cholesterol. LDL is linked to cardiovascular health issues, but HDL can actually help remove LDL. Read More...

Legume seeds lower cholesterol

Legume seeds lower cholesterol

Pulses might be the most important food you’ve never heard of—the dried seeds of plants in the legume family, which includes beans, lentils and chickpeas. They have long been considered an important part of any healthy diet—in fact they are a staple food for many indigenous diets Read More...