Today’s Solutions: May 25, 2024

3 ways to make new friends whi

3 ways to make new friends while working remotely

For all the comfort that working remotely might offer, there’s one crucial aspect of spending time with others in-person is proving difficult to replace: friendship. In an 18-month study of a Fortune 500 technology firm with a remote workforce, researchers found that virtual teammates faced Read More...

Making friends can be tricky.

Making friends can be tricky. This step-by-step guide will help you

Humans are naturally social-beings. We instinctively crave meaningful relationships and thrive off the ones we have. For some people, it seems making friends is as easy as plucking apples off a low-hanging tree: it’s effortless. But for the more introverted souls, trying to make new friends can Read More...

How ‘Buddy Benches’

How 'Buddy Benches' are making playtime less lonely

The school playground can be a lonely place for a child if they haven't got anyone to play with. But a special type of bench is helping pupils make friends and get people talking about bigger issues Read More...