Today’s Solutions: May 25, 2024

China’s meatless movemen

China's meatless movement is gaining momentum

In traditional Chinese culture, eating meat is a symbol of wealth and financial comfort. This cultural connection between prosperity and meat consumption as well as China’s expanding middle class (which has been growing since the 1970s) contributes to the high percentage of meat-eaters in the Read More...

Meat equals manliness. These f

Meat equals manliness. These faux meat startups are out to change this idea

Whether it’s an advertisement or a neighborhood BBQ, it’s common to hear people associate eating meat with being manly. In general, the food industry has masterfully trained consumers to think that eating meat is a sign of strength and confidence while meat alternatives such as tofu dogs are Read More...

The ultimate guide to vegan me

The ultimate guide to vegan meat substitutes

If you’ve made it a goal to eat less meat this year, well done. You’re one step closer to a diet that is not only better for your health, but also for the environment. Now the tricky question is: what do you eat as a substitute for meat? Considering there is an abundance of meat substitutes to Read More...