Today’s Solutions: May 22, 2024

Red worm bloodworm on a black background.

The mystery of bloodworm "copper" fangs solved

There are plenty of unusual creatures in the world, from weird species of worms with multiple branching bodies, to spooky parasites which eat and replace fish tongues. Another fascinating creature is the bloodworm, which is famous for its unusual fang-like jaws. These unique protrusions are Read More...

White colored albino wallaby sitting in the grass in a zoological park.

Rare white wallabies get their color from viral DNA

Wallabies are adorable marsupials with an appetite for greens and veggies. The majority of these animals can be found hopping around Papua New Guinea or Australia and naturally have a brown or gray coat, enabling them to blend in with their surroundings and avoid predators. While brown Read More...

Sperm whale swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Rare white sperm whale spotted near Jamaica

A white sperm whale was recently spotted by sailors off the coast of Jamaica. This beautiful creature is normally grey, though this rarer form is famous for its depiction in the classic novel “Moby Dick." Why does the whale have a white color? These white giants lack color because of two Read More...