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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024

Meaningful moments: how to mak

Meaningful moments: how to make family gatherings more engaging over the holidays

During the holiday season, the spirit of family togetherness is sometimes overshadowed by family tensions and unavoidable disputes. Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., a recognized childcare specialist and author of Why Will No One Play with Me?: The Play Better Plan to Help Children of All Ages Make Friends Read More...

illustration of man going into the light in human silhouette

First study of dying human brain gives a glimpse into our final moments

For the first time ever, scientists have recorded the activity of a dying brain, and their discoveries have given some legitimacy to the common idea that our whole lives “flash before our eyes” before death. The remarkable thing is that the scientists weren’t planning on measuring the Read More...

Got a song stuck in your head?

Got a song stuck in your head? That's your brain solidifying memories

Getting a song stuck in your head, also known as an "earworm," can be annoying for you and those around you. If you find that at times, while doing unrelated tasks like household chores, you are unable to stop yourself from performing the same song over and over again, we have a solution for Read More...