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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024

Michael Pollan’s audiobook C

Michael Pollan’s audiobook Caffeine explains the world’s most common drug

We featured psychedelic researcher and author Michael Pollan during our Marvelous Mushrooms week. Now he is back to explain why we have caffeine cravings and why being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean giving up coffee. For his new audiobook, Caffeine, Pollan went cold turkey on caffeine for Read More...

David Ludwig: Child obesity ex

David Ludwig: Child obesity expert

Food activist and author, Michael Pollan, says David Ludwig is a "pioneering researcher, clinician and writer who is making a difference in the fight against child obesity." Wroth,Carmel | Jan/Feb 2010 issue David Ludwig, Director, Obesity Program, Children's Hospital, Boston. Photo: Jason Read More...