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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Blood tests could be used to p

Blood tests could be used to predict preterm birth

Premature birth increases rates of medical complications for infants, but advanced preparation for preterm birth can help doctors and mothers equip themselves to make delivery as safe as possible. So how do we predict preterm birth? Researchers from Michigan State University believe a simple blood Read More...

Study: Nonparent adults are as

Study: Nonparent adults are as happy as their child rearing counterparts

Birth rates are falling in many parts of the world, especially in the US, and although the reasons for this are wide-ranging, many who choose to not have children or are biologically unable to still face questioning and confusion from friends and relatives who see childbearing as a necessary Read More...

New giant database lets people

New giant database lets people learn about the lives of millions of slaves

While we know the dark history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the number of Africans forcibly taken from their homes, we hardly know anything about the lives of individual slaves. Only a few historical enslaved people are known by name, and most are lost to history. In a colossal effort to Read More...

Nanofoam material could make f

Nanofoam material could make football helmets endure repeated impacts

In case a football helmet withstands an impact severe enough to cause the wearer a concussion, chances are the safety features of the helmet are compromised, making it no longer safe for reuse.  But engineers at Michigan State University (MSU) have recently developed a liquid nanofoam lining they Read More...

Study shows humans are optimis

Study shows humans are optimistic, even when times are tough

Michigan State University has conducted the largest study of its kind on how major life events and aging affect people’s outlook on life, specifically optimism. It comes as no surprise to us at The Optimist Daily that people tend to remain optimistic about the future, even when times are Read More...