Today’s Solutions: December 03, 2021

Premature birth increases rates of medical complications for infants, but advanced preparation for preterm birth can help doctors and mothers equip themselves to make delivery as safe as possible. So how do we predict preterm birth? Researchers from Michigan State University believe a simple blood test could flag women at risk for preterm labor.

In their study, the researcher analyzed 157 healthy mothers with no history of preterm births. 51 of them subsequently gave birth prematurely and looking at second trimester data, they found that decreased levels of mRNA in the mother’s blood during this period were linked to higher chances of preterm birth.

Lower mRNA in CRY2 and CLOCK genes affects cell circadian rhythms, which can trigger preterm birth. The next step in the research is to establish if these lowered levels are coming from the mother, the placenta, or the fetus.

Being able to predict a potential preterm birth would offer better outcomes for these babies and even prevent preterm births by addressing the risk early on.

Source study: Journal Biology of ReproductionLow CLOCK and CRY2 in 2nd trimester human maternal blood and risk of preterm birth: a nested case-control study

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