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Today’s Solutions: July 14, 2024

Paving the path towards a glob

Paving the path towards a global plastics treaty

Nation-state delegates took a historic step toward a new global plastics pact in an inspirational display of determination. This undertaking, described as the most significant green deal since the 2015 worldwide climate agreement, signals a turning point in our joint efforts to address the critical Read More...

Girl gets face painted with glitter

New biodegradable glitter lets you sparkle guilt-free

As sparkly and magical as it is, glitter is actually a form of microplastic, and even products that claim to contain biodegradable glitter rarely actually are. This is a difficult issue to tackle because countries would need to reach an international consensus about regulating it, but fortunately, Read More...

Major UK retailers remove glit

Major UK retailers remove glitter from their products to prevent pollution

While it may add some fun and glamour to the holiday season, glitter quickly loses its sparkle once you realize that it’s just another form of microplastic, bound to eventually make its way into the environment and harm marine life. But as awareness around the problem with glitter is growing, an Read More...