Today’s Solutions: May 24, 2024

Black headphones on dark wooden background with blue and red light shining.

Is this the age of "digital drugs?"

A lot of us love a change in perspective. Whether that’s an adrenaline surge from risky behavior or someone taking a trip with magic mushrooms to explore their deeper selves, people are always coming up with new ways to shift their state of mind. The latest trend in mind-shifting isn't in taking Read More...

Family completing a jigsaw together while lying on the floor at home

Jigsaw puzzles: A hobby that's great for your brain

In our ever increasing digital society, puzzling is the perfect activity to unplug and improve your mental and physical wellbeing. If you’re looking for some motivation to start a puzzle, whether it’s 20, 250 or 1000 pieces, here are six benefits of doing them. Simultaneous exercise for your Read More...