Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

Atacama desert in the Andes, Chile.

Ancient comet solves puzzle of scattered glass in Chilean desert

Across a 75 kilometer stretch of the Atacama Desert in Chile, huge rocks of black and green glass can be found lying around. Researchers picked up on this unusual phenomenon around a decade ago, but they were stumped by this mystery with no reasonable explanation to be found, until now. A team Read More...

These 5 vitamins and minerals

These 5 vitamins and minerals are essential to aging

Like all aspects of health and wellness, our nutrition needs change as we age. Changing physical health as well as lifestyle makes certain vitamins and minerals more crucial than they used to be. Let’s take a look at some that get more important as we age. Magnesium Magnesium promotes bone Read More...

Simplifying supplements

Simplifying supplements

A user’s guide to vitamins and minerals, from calcium to omega-3s. Carmel Wroth | Sept/Oct 2009 issue Natto, a brown, gluey mass of fermented soybeans that emits an ammoniac stench, is served oozing over a bed of rice. In some regions of Japan, natto is a breakfast staple. To most non-Japanese, Read More...