Today’s Solutions: May 27, 2024

Neuronal network with electrical activity of neuron cells 3D rendering illustration.

The gene that could stop Parkinson's disease

Scientists are always working tirelessly to figure out new, effective treatments for complex neurological conditions. Here at The Optimist Daily, we’ve reported on many before, such as non-invasive brain surgery for people with epilepsy and using brain signals to allow a man with paralysis to Read More...

Seniors exercising aging well

Exercise trains your fat to help you age well

When you exercise, you train your muscles and your cardiovascular system, and even improve your immune system. Did you know that when you regularly exercise you are also training your fat cells?  A recent study from the University of Copenhagen shows that properly trained fat cells actually Read More...

Staring into deep red light ca

Staring into deep red light can improve eyesight in people over 40

While we’re typically cautioned against staring at bright lights if we want to keep our eyesight healthy, a recent study suggests that staring at a deep red light for a few minutes a day can improve vision in those over 40. According to the research conducted at University College London Read More...