Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024
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wall with door covered in moss

Dutch startup purifies air in urban areas by wrapping buildings in moss

Now that we are aware of the great environmental and health benefits of integrating green spaces in our cities, many urban areas are beginning to design new buildings with foliage in mind. What should we do, though, about the concrete buildings that already exist?  Dutch startup Respyre has a Read More...

Peatlands wetlands

Peatlands, a boggy carbon sink absolutely worth saving

For those in the world who have to live with it, you may wonder “what on earth is peat good for?”  Peatland is a mossy wet mass that you can’t build on, you can barely walk on, you can’t grow crops on it, and all its stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes which bring Read More...

How to cultivate a tranquil mo

How to cultivate a tranquil moss garden

Moss is nature's humble carpet and is often overshadowed by flashier plants, however, that doesn’t stop moss from bringing a lot to the table. Moss doesn’t require fertilizer and filters out air pollution at least three times more efficiently than other plants (depending on the pollutant). Moss Read More...

A mossy miracle

A mossy miracle

The Teardrop Glacier in northern Canada is melting rapidly, but that’s not all bad news, at least not for researchers who have revived a group of mosses that date back 400 to 600 years. Catherine La Farge, a biology professor at the University of Alberta,  came across newly exposed moss on one Read More...