Today’s Solutions: May 27, 2024

Mussels could help us remove h

Mussels could help us remove harmful microplastics from the ocean

Microplastics are one of the most pernicious forms of plastic pollution threatening our oceans, so scientists are hard at work to find solutions that could help filter this ecological burden out of the marine environment. Recently, we wrote about how sea squirts can help us monitor the steadily Read More...

Mussel-mounted motion sensors

Mussel-mounted motion sensors can help detect toxins in our water

Mussels are fascinating creatures that who's powerful role in our ecosystems is often overlooked. We’ve written previously about how mussels inspired highly effective surgical glue as well as how they can accurately gauge levels of pollution and identify contaminants in underwater Read More...

The bold plan to save Appalach

The bold plan to save Appalachia’s endangered mussels

You probably haven’t heard of the golden rifleshell mussel, but for Kentucky’s Center for Mollusk Conservation in Frankfort, saving these yellowy, fan-shaped river-dwellers from extinction is a daily battle. More than two-thirds of all identified North American freshwater mussel species are Read More...