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woman looks at troubling news on her phone

Expert-approved ways of dealing with bad news (part 2)

Welcome to the second half of a two-part series that shares expert advice on how to deal with all the bad news that fills our social media feeds and news outlets. If you haven't read it yet, click to check out part I. Mindfulness over matter According to former NHS general practitioner Nicola Read More...

How to be a wise news consumer

How to be a wise news consumer during the Covid-19 pandemic

Even if a news item about Covid-19 is entirely accurate, it still has the power to mislead readers about the virus. That’s because journalists often use “real people” to “humanize” their stories. For instance, a story might feature a family member of a person who died from the virus Read More...

Tips for staying informed, not

Tips for staying informed, not overwhelmed, while reading the news

If you find yourself reading the news more often during times of crisis, it’s because news sources have actually become part of our flight or fight instinct. They provide us with the information we need to make decisions about how to ensure our own livelihood, but how do you stay educated without Read More...

Mocking the news is hard work

Mocking the news is hard work at satirical newspaper The Onion

Carolyn Steel | August 2009 issue Onion writer Todd Hanson, in a lighter moment. Photograph: Carol R. Hartsell How do humor writers deal with the constant pressure of trying to be funny on deadline? "Mocking each other and having dangerous levels of psychiatric pathologies is probably the main Read More...

Stop the presses!

Stop the presses!

News gives people a false sense of wisdom. Knowing what goes on in the world does not make anyone more knowledgeable about what really matters. In fact, suggests Ode editor Marco Visscher, less news is a prerequisite for greater wisdom. How about tuning in to our own lives, instead of the lives of Read More...