Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024
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Building bridges in the midst

Building bridges in the midst of conflict: 12 organizations working for Israel-Palestine peace

There is a glimmer of hope in the heart of one of the world's longest and most complex wars, yet it often goes unrecognized. While the sad reality of violence and division dominates the media, countless grassroots organizations are working tirelessly to bring peace and reconciliation to the Read More...

You can now help environmental

You can now help environmental NGOs by watching calming nature videos

If you’ve turned to nature videos to relieve your pandemic anxiety, doing so now could also benefit the world’s oceans, and the environmental organizations fighting to preserve them. That is, as long as you watch those serene shots of nature through the new Preservation Play YouTube Read More...

Beirut explosion: 4 things you

Beirut explosion: 4 things you can do to help the people of Lebanon

At the Optimist Daily, we believe there is always something we can do to help those in need—even if those who need help most are across the world. If you weren’t already aware, the Lebanese capital of Beirut was devastated by a massive explosion that occurred in the city’s port warehouse Read More...

Why it’s a good thing that t

Why it’s a good thing that this charity cancelled one of its poverty programs

Last year, the development nonprofit Evidence Action did something remarkable: It stopped fundraising for one of its programs because it had conducted a study that suggested it was less effective than it had thought. The program was called No Lean Season. It built on evidence that suggested that Read More...

The instinct to save the plane

The instinct to save the planet

Do the million grassroots green and social organizations work as an immune system that's working to stop injustice and pollution? Paul Hawken on the biggest movement in the history of humankind that has come just on time. Paul Hawken| May 2007 issue Over the past 15 years, I have given nearly one Read More...