Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

Scientists finally confirm wha

Scientists finally confirm what causes the northern lights

Seeing the northern lights is a common bucket list item, but until very recently, scientists were not completely sure what caused this beautiful luminescent phenomenon. After taking a deeper look at the blue, green, and violet light show, also known as aurora borealis, researchers from multiple Read More...

How a biologist and a composer

How a biologist and a composer are making music from the northern lights

While you may be familiar with the natural phenomenon known as the northern lights (aurora borealis), did you know there’s an audio element to this brilliant light show? When humans see those sweeping green and violet lights over the Arctic sky, what we’re actually seeing are collisions Read More...

Amateur astronomers discover n

Amateur astronomers discover new type of northern light

The dark winter months means the arrival of beautiful northern lights in the more extreme areas of our world. This year, amateur astronomers helped discover a new type of northern light scientists are calling “dunes” due to their rolling, wave-like appearance. Northern lights are kind of Read More...