Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

meal cooked in cast iron pan

Can a cast iron pan boost your iron intake? A dietitian weighs in

Cast iron cookware has a great reputation in the kitchen. You can use it for a multitude of cooking techniques from browning meat and veggies to baking bread, to slow-cooking flavorful stews. Did you know, though, that anything you cook in cast iron might actually increase your daily iron Read More...

Person wearing blue denim skinny jeans and a pink and black shirt with dog on a walk in an autumn forest.

Why your dog shouldn’t poop wherever it wants in nature

Interestingly, poop is a recurring theme at The Optimist Daily. From maintaining a regular bathroom schedule, aiding the search for a home for endangered owls, and fish poop feeding the world’s largest vertical farm. The latest addition to these poop-filled articles is a Belgium study Read More...

Simplifying supplements

Simplifying supplements

A user’s guide to vitamins and minerals, from calcium to omega-3s. Carmel Wroth | Sept/Oct 2009 issue Natto, a brown, gluey mass of fermented soybeans that emits an ammoniac stench, is served oozing over a bed of rice. In some regions of Japan, natto is a breakfast staple. To most non-Japanese, Read More...