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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Oxford doctors conclude honey

Oxford doctors conclude honey may be best for treating colds

If mom gave you honey as a child whenever you had a cold, turns out she was very right in doing so. According to a new review of research published by Oxford doctors, honey’s antimicrobial properties allowed it to outperform the standard of care when addressing symptoms and reducing a cough's Read More...

View on the canal Oudezijds Kolk in the center of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is ditching our broken economic system for the doughnut model

This is one of those stories that you might look back to in a few years and remember as the starting point of a huge change in our world’s history. When we first covered this story years ago, it was already showing tons of promise. So, what are we talking about here? In 2018, we shared a story Read More...