Today’s Solutions: June 15, 2024

Researchers have photographed

Researchers have photographed a giant albino panda for the first time

The photo you see above is not of a plump polar bear that has wondered way too far from its home. No, the image you see is of an all-white, albino giant panda—believed to be the first of his (or her) kind known to human researchers. The image, taken by the reserve's motion-activated cameras in Read More...

China is creating a panda refu

China is creating a panda refuge three times the size of Yellowstone

If you love giant pandas (who doesn’t?), then you’ll be happy to hear this bit of news: the Chinese government is on the verge of creating an expanded panda refuge that will span 10,476 square miles. That’s nearly triple the size of Yellowstone. The proposed Giant Panda National Read More...