Today’s Solutions: June 18, 2024

Wildlife forensics: Inside the

Wildlife forensics: Inside the quest to save pangolins from poachers

Pangolins are thought to be the most trafficked animal in the world, and yet, we know relatively little about them. We know the pangolin, which is the only scaly mammal in the world, has a body covered with razor-sharp, overlapping keratin plates. When attacked, it rolls into an armored ball with Read More...

A pangolin searches for ants.

COVID-19 might just be a blessing in disguise for the pangolin

The pangolin is one of the most fascinating creatures in the world, being the only mammal to also be covered in hard protective scales. Unfortunately, it is these scales that make them a target for poachers, who sell them to be used in Chinese traditional medicine. Their meat is also considered a Read More...