Today’s Solutions: May 27, 2024

The Dad Gang is breaking the s

The Dad Gang is breaking the stereotype of the absent Black father

In honor of father's day, we are revamping a few stories that celebrate the inspiring dads out there in the world, empower dads, or highlight the incredible experience of fatherhood. Good fathers, good community members As a black man, Sean Williams would regularly receive “good dad” Read More...

Child development

Paid parental leave improves infants' brain development

The months after giving birth are significant for mothers, not just for the physical and emotional recovery from labor, but for the time to bond with the new child and to adjust to the major life change. There is an ongoing discussion in the United States for the implementation of national paid Read More...

5 ways parents can make room f

5 ways parents can make room for joy in these difficult times

Finding time for joy is already difficult for parents, but recent times have made things even tougher for those with kids. The new responsibility of supplemental (or sole) educator has eaten up much of parents’ time as well as added a layer of stress and anxiety on top of the plethora of things Read More...