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Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024

Volunteers in New Zealand resc

Volunteers in New Zealand rescue stranded pilot whales in two-day effort

A pod of 49 long-finned pilot whales was found stranded on a remote beach on the South Island of New Zealand on Monday, prompting wildlife rangers to initiate a mission to keep the whales alive and in deep waters. With the rangers joined by local residents and a whale rescue group, a total of 150 Read More...

Volunteers rescue at least 120

Volunteers rescue at least 120 beached whales in Sri Lanka

A disaster was in the making on Monday when at least 120 short-finned pilot whales came ashore in Sri Lanka and wound up being stranded. It was the biggest mass stranding in the country’s history, but fortunately, Sri Lanka’s navy and local volunteers were able to save all but four of the pilot Read More...