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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024
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White gerbera under UV light.

"Invisible" UV bull's-eye is vital in attracting pollinators to flowers

Here at The Optimist Daily, we hold a special tenderness in our hearts for our planet's pollinators. Mini-beasts, like bees and butterflies, have the integral role of spreading pollen from plant-to-plant facilitating their reproduction. In return, the plants provide the insects with the delicious Read More...

Green ripening soybean field, agricultural landscape

Scientists improve crops without genetic modification

The verdict on genetically modified crops is still not settled globally, with some countries allowing their use and some wary of their potential environmental impact. A new process might make the promise of scientific advancement in food production more digestible. Scientists from the RIKEN Read More...

Genetic mutation, conceptual 3D illustration. Double stranded DNA molecule with mutation in a gene.

DNA mutations are not so random after all

A first of its kind study has added some evidence to challenge the widely accepted theory about genetic mutations: that they are completely random. The findings, published in Nature, could reshape evolutionary theories and our understanding of DNA forever. "We always thought of mutation as Read More...

How a drone rediscovered a rar

How a drone rediscovered a rare Hawaiian flower thought to be extinct

There are many benefits to living on a sheer cliff face, if you’re a very rare Hawaiian plant. Hungry goats can’t get to you. Neither can oblivious people, who are known to crush priceless plants underfoot. Nor can botanists, even though they just want to save the plants. That’s Read More...

The Tao of arugula

The Tao of arugula

How to get maximum flavor with minimum effort. Elbrich Fennema | Sept/Oct 2009 issue To achieve a harmonious life, the Taoists propagated a curious recommendation: wu wei, or do by not doing. In our action-oriented society, not doing something is underappreciated. Of course, not doing isn't the Read More...