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Africa to be officially declar

Africa to be officially declared free of wild polio

Just twenty-five years ago, thousands of children in Africa were left paralyzed due to the poliovirus. Now, Africa is to be declared free from wild polio by the independent body, the Africa Regional Certification Commission. Polio is a virus that spreads from person to person, usually through Read More...

Africa on brink of eliminating

Africa on brink of eliminating polio as Nigeria marks 3 years without the virus

As the world strives to eradicate polio, Africa may soon reach a major breakthrough in efforts to rid the planet of one of the most devastating diseases of all time. Marking three years since the last case of polio was detected in Nigeria, the continent is expected to be certified free of wild Read More...

India is polio-free

India is polio-free

It has been three years since a case of polio was reported in India. That's the period of time the World Health Organization requires a country to go without anyone catching polio before declaring itself polio-free. It's a come-from-behind victory for the country, which was considered an Read More...