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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

We can now easily produce elec

We can now easily produce electrically conductive substances

Electrically conductive polymers - such as polyaniline - are vital for numerous advanced technologies, from lighting to, circuit boards, to ink-jet printing. Despite their importance, producing these polymers is difficult due to the complex and pricey synthesis process, particularly when it comes Read More...

A sample of the new 2D polymer material 2DPA-1, as well as some of its potential applications

Scientists create ultra-thin material that’s two times stronger than steel

Polymers, such as plastics, are made up of chains of units called monomers. Although these chains are one-dimensional, they can be shaped into three-dimensional objects through manufacturing methods like injection molding. With that said, polymer scientists have long tried to grow polymers into Read More...

Super strength hydrogel created at University of Cambridge.

This super jelly can withstand extreme force

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have created a cutting edge, jelly-like material that can withstand extreme force. The strong yet squishy hydrogel was designed to be able to handle the weight of an elephant standing on it! The team designed this hydrogel to have a high water content Read More...

Scientists created a biodegrad

Scientists created a biodegradable adhesive. Here’s why that’s a big deal

While it's good that there are plastics that biodegrade when they're thrown away, the glue used to join pieces of those or other materials together isn't quite so eco-friendly. Scientists have recently set about addressing that problem, however, by developing a biodegradable adhesive. Created by Read More...