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Toilet with flowers in it

Upcycling your "business," 5 uses of human waste

At The Optimist Daily, we keep our ears keened for news about upcycling. It’s an impressive hack, making productive use of discarded materials and waste, turning what was trash into something new. It’s a great solution toward making sustainable products, and we’re always looking for creative Read More...

New recycled plastics can upgrade roads and held curb plastic waste

This highway was made from recycled diapers

Recycling plastic to create a new purpose for it is nothing new. Here at The Optimist Daily, we’ve previously shared how innovators have reused this material to create blocks for building, a sleek chair, and LEGO bricks. A diaper highway For the first time, the plastic in diapers is being Read More...

Person wearing blue denim skinny jeans and a pink and black shirt with dog on a walk in an autumn forest.

Why your dog shouldn’t poop wherever it wants in nature

Interestingly, poop is a recurring theme at The Optimist Daily. From maintaining a regular bathroom schedule, aiding the search for a home for endangered owls, and fish poop feeding the world’s largest vertical farm. The latest addition to these poop-filled articles is a Belgium study Read More...

These engineers are making bri

These engineers are making bricks out of your poop

The waste from your own body that you flush down the toilet goes through an extensive journey long after you’ve left the bathroom. From the toilet it descends through a series of pipes before it winds up at a waste water treatment center where it’s extracted from the water and decontaminated, Read More...