Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024

Slices of hard cheese on a wooden cutting board

Animal-free hard cheese that’s tastier than the real thing? Yes, please!

It takes 630 liters of water and about 9 square meters of land to produce one liter of milk. Since milk is the main component of cheese-making, that environmental footprint is automatically transferred to one of humanity’s favorite foods. While some vegan alternatives to softer cheeses, such as Read More...

High angle view of metallic vats in brewery for precision fermentation.

Precision fermentation: The food evolution to watch

Providing our readers with planet-saving tips and products is something we're passionate about at The Optimist Daily. With climate change lingering over humanity's head, people want to make changes in their everyday lives to slow this process as much as possible. This was apparent by the boost in Read More...

Egg whites whipped into foam with stiff peaks

Scientists use fungus to develop a sustainable alternative to egg whites

Because it contains a lot of protein, egg white powder is among the most common ingredients used in the food industry. Rearing the chickens necessary for sourcing those egg whites, however, has a significant environmental footprint. As demand for egg white powder is only expected to grow in the Read More...