Today’s Solutions: May 21, 2024

Air 4 All airplane seats with wheelchair compatibility

Air 4 All hopes to make dignified air travel accessible for everyone

While many of us are craving new surroundings and landscapes, most would probably like to skip over the part where we are confined to the cramped space of an airline seat for hours and hours. That said, having a seat on an airplane that can adequately accommodate us is a privilege that not everyone Read More...

Could these reusable container

Could these reusable containers remove single-use plastics from delivery?

Food delivery has spiked in the wake of the pandemic, thus increasing the use of disposable plastic associated with takeaway packaging. Needless to say, this has only amplified the global plastic crisis. It's also highlighted the urgent need to redesign the food delivery sector, which is worth Read More...

Your next in-flight meal may b

Your next in-flight meal may be served in a banana leaf

Climate activist Greta Thunberg made headlines this summer by choosing to sail, rather than fly, from Europe to the U.S. to take a stand against the heavy carbon footprint of airline travel. But what about the items on board? After all, the average airline passenger produces three pounds of waste Read More...