Today’s Solutions: May 24, 2024

High-tech robotic hive keeps h

High-tech robotic hive keeps honeybees alive during cold spells

While honeybees are notoriously difficult to study, changing their natural behavior when any outside influences are detected, they are also extremely vulnerable to colony collapse due to cold. If hive temperatures fall below 50 °F, the bees stop buzzing and producing heat and fall into a lethal Read More...

Ikea bee home.

Forget dressers, IKEA wants you to build a bee house

The task of building IKEA furniture has been challenging newlyweds and college students for years. In 2020, the company started offering a new challenge to customers: building bee habitats. IKEA’s research and design lab, SPACE10, has partnered with European design studio Bakken & Bæck, Read More...