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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

Professional psychologist doctor in psychotherapy session with a patient.

Ketamine as an effective tool in treating alcoholism

In a follow up from a story published earlier this month on ‘How ketamine can help fight depression,’ we are going to report on new data published from a recent clinical trial. This time instead of depression, doctors administered this drug to people suffering from alcoholism. The clinical Read More...

Nine amusing ways to stay out

Nine amusing ways to stay out of the therapist's office

| December 2004 issue   · Try not to take yourself seriously. Stand in front of a mirror and make funny faces, even in public. · Get a pet that suits you and give it a strange name. Don’t forget to take care of it. · Get some exercise. Squash and badminton are very civilized sports that Read More...

Survival of the kindest

Survival of the kindest

He may well be the psychotherapist with the simplest recipe: kindness. According to Piero Ferrucci, freedom starts with being kind. To others. And yourself. History provides the proof: "One of the reasons behind the success of evolution is that we've been kind to one another." Tijn Touber | April Read More...