Today’s Solutions: June 16, 2024

This company is creating ethic

This company is creating ethical diamonds from captured CO2 and rainwater

Diamonds may be beautiful, but the industry behind it is not. To start with, there are the terrible environmental consequences that come with mining for diamonds. The Guardian reports that to get just one carat (0.2 grams) of a traditional diamond, miners could excavate up to 2.2 million pounds Read More...

This rain-harvesting panel wou

This rain-harvesting panel would help urban cities catch their own water

After observing the drought conditions of her native country of South Africa, designer Shaakira Jassat has created a rain-catcher that is slim enough to fit on the outside of buildings in dense urban environments. Dubbed the Aquatechture panel, this device is designed to collect rainwater as it Read More...

This high-tech toilet will rec

This high-tech toilet will recycle rainwater and keep a city cool

After a toilet-design competition, the San Francisco Department of Public Works has awarded SmithGroup the number one place for their innovative toilet design that recycles rainwater into this fully-functioning public restroom. The design is not only environmentally friendly for its efficient Read More...