Today’s Solutions: May 28, 2024

Young Black male texts while waiting for EV charge

Quantum charging could cut EV charging from hours to minutes

Current owners of electric vehicles can cruise along knowing that they’re not adding any CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. While they can ride guilt-free, these joy rides can still be inconvenienced by the headache of having to wait around half an hour at a high-powered public charger, or even Read More...

Toyota to unveil an EV with 10

Toyota to unveil an EV with 10-min fast-charging battery in 2021

The adoption of electric vehicles might get a boost next year as giant automaker Toyota is expected to introduce an electric car with a 310 miles range and a rapid recharge from zero to full in 10 minutes. With range anxiety and recharge time being among the main reasons preventing drivers from Read More...

EV community can now travel cr

EV community can now travel cross-country without fear of an empty battery

A huge factor in the adoption of electric vehicles is the problem of not being able to travel long distances, or worse getting stuck on the road with an empty battery, with no charging station nearby. To relieve EV owners of such concerns and worries, a Volkswagen subsidiary called Electrify Read More...