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French rap star Abd al Malik i

French rap star Abd al Malik inspires change among inner city youth

Abd al Malik embraced rap as a way to channel his frustration, tell his story and critique society. Carmel Wroth | April 2009 issue French rapper Abd al Malik has no trouble explaining why young men in the French ghettos usually celebrate New Year’s Eve by torching cars. “When you live in a Read More...

Sufi Rapper: An excerpt from A

Sufi Rapper: An excerpt from Abd al Malik's autobiography

Abd al Malik on his journey from drug dealer to rap star to Sufi mystic. Ode Editors | April 2009 issue Abd al Malik performs with DJ Laurent Garnier at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Photo: Reuters/Denis Balibouse I lived Islam as a body of commandments that I only needed to put into practice Read More...

Video: Abd Al Malik,

Video: Abd Al Malik,

"Gibraltar" is the title track of Abd al Malik's hip hop/slam poetry album. The album reflects Malik's personal experiences in turning a life of violence around, as well as his perspective on the mixture of his Congolese and French backgrounds. He uses Gibraltar as the symbolic meeting point of Read More...