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Backpack-wearing rats are bein

Backpack-wearing rats are being trained to find earthquake survivors

DECEMBER 21ST, 2023 UPDATE: This solution is a Reader’s Choice selection of 2023! Thank you for nominating the solutions that left you feeling optimistic this year. After the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria last week—with thousands and thousands of casualties—rescuers have been Read More...

Drones help protect biodiversi

Drones help protect biodiversity on Galápagos Islands by ridding them of rats

The biodiversity of Seymour Norte and Mosquera, two Galápagos Islands, has been threatened for generations by a commonly abhorred pest: rats. Two rat species (the black rat and the Norweigan rat) have disrupted the ecosystems on the islands of Seymour Norte and Mosquera since they arrived on Read More...

Magawa the explosive-sniffing

Magawa the explosive-sniffing rat is retiring

It’s not often that we hold rats in high regard, but we can certainly make an exception for Magawa, the humble, explosive-sniffing rodent that’s responsible for saving countless lives. Magawa is a Gambian pouched rat, which is quite large compared to North American rats. Gambian rats are Read More...

Rats can save human lives

Rats can save human lives

As a child, Bart Weetjens, from Belgium, bred rodents to sell to pet shops. Now he’s the founder and director of APOPO, an NGO operating from Tanzania that trains rats to detect landmines. APOPO’s team of mine-sleuthing rats is active in Mozambique, and will begin mine-detection operations in Read More...