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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

Epicurious moves away from bee

Epicurious moves away from beef recipes in favor of plant-based options

Last week, prominent food and recipe website announced in an article that they have decided to stop promoting or posting recipes that feature beef. They reveal in the article that their choice to distance themselves from beef-focused recipes is based on a 2013 United Nations Read More...

6 Creative recipes to put your

6 Creative recipes to put your food scraps to good use

Last year, scientists from Pennsylvania State University released a report revealing that the average US household wastes about 31 percent of the food it buys — that’s one in three bites ending up in the bin. And while the best way to prevent waste is to stop buying more food than you need, Read More...

How to cook using your old Chr

How to cook using your old Christmas tree

The early days of January are the time of year where we start seeing old Christmas trees lying on the side of the road, but if you have yet to toss out your old tree, Julia Georgallis has a recommendation for you: try eating it! In her new book titled How to Eat Your Christmas Tree, Georgallis Read More...

Parsnips are in season. Here

Parsnips are in season. Here’s how to best enjoy this healthy root veggie

We’re all about eating seasonally at the Optimist Daily, and with the winter months here, a whole bunch of root veggies are now in season. Amongst those root veggies is the parsnip, which looks a bit like a white carrot. Let’s take a look at the amazing health benefits of parsnips and how to Read More...

Herb of the month: ground-elde

Herb of the month: ground-elder

Herbalist Trudy van Diepen-Stam knows an herb for every ailment. This month: ground-elder, also known as bishop’s weed, or gout weed (not related to the Elder tree). Many plant lovers have mixed feelings about ground-elder, the roots are notorious because they spread rapidly, even through the Read More...