Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

E-waste: Scientists develop th

E-waste: Scientists develop the world’s first fully recyclable transistor

One of the main reasons why so many electronics end up as e-waste instead of getting recycled at the end of their life is the fact that it’s really difficult to separate and recover the valuable materials that make them up. Now, a new technique developed by scientists at Duke University may help Read More...

The tire of the future: New re

The tire of the future: New recyclable rubber material repairs itself

Needless to say, getting a flat tire is a huge pain in the neck. And we can’t even fix the problem. All we can do is temporarily patch the rupture and then throw the non-recyclable tire away. But imagine a scenario where you get one, but instead of swapping it out for a new one, you just smear on Read More...

Taco Bell will make its eco-co

Taco Bell will make its eco-conscious consumers happier with green packaging

As more companies in the food and beverage industry are beginning to rethink their packing practices, one of America’s biggest fast-food chains is making sure it’s not falling behind. Taco Bell has recently announced its latest commitments to clean up its environmental footprint by getting Read More...