Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

Coca-Cola to test fully recycl

Coca-Cola to test fully recyclable paper bottle in Hungary

Coca-Cola has partnered with Danish startup Paboco (“Paper Bottle Company”) as one of many strategies to reduce the three million metric tons of plastic packaging it goes through per year. The company is already developing ways to use more recycled material, increase recycling rates, and test Read More...

AI-powered robot that rapidly

AI-powered robot that rapidly sorts through recyclables is going global

Before plastic can become recycled products, that plastic needs to be manually sorted by workers at a recycling center. The problem is that recycling centers can’t afford to hire the number of people needed to sort through all the plastic they receive each day, and even if they could afford it, Read More...

80% of this city’s recyclabl

80% of this city’s recyclable plastic is turned into useful products

Wouldn’t it be great if recycled single-use plastic bags turned into park benches you could later sit on? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening to the plastic waste in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Roughly 80 percent of the plastic recyclables collected throughout the provincial capital Read More...