Today’s Solutions: May 27, 2024
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The US wastes 1/3 of the food

The US wastes 1/3 of the food it produces. This project is here to fix that

While 2019 registered 35.2 million people living in food-insecure households, during that same year around a third of the food produced in the country — worth around $408 billion dollars — went to waste. By 2030, the government aims to cut that amount in half — an incredibly difficult Read More...

We now have an official defini

We now have an official definition for upcycled food. Here’s why it matters

Upcycled food is now an officially defined term, which advocates say will encourage broader consumer and industry support for products that help reduce food waste. Upcycling—transforming ingredients that would have been wasted into edible food products—has been gaining ground in alternative Read More...