Today’s Solutions: May 25, 2024

A snowy winter day in the old historic harbor of Berlin, Germany

Germany gets ahead of winter with its huge heating tower

Germany has set to work on an enormous thermos to help heat its citizen’s homes this winter while stepping away from its reliance on Russia’s fossil fuel industry.  Germany’s huge heat tower The thermos tower, which stands at almost 150 feet and can store an astounding 15 million gallons Read More...

A Simple Solution: Concrete Bl

A Simple Solution: Concrete Blocks to Store Energy

Investment at the highest levels is taking a new approach to investing in energy storage, showing an understanding of the importance of energy storage investment and in the security of the electricity grid. SoftBank, a multinational conglomerate company, has invested $110 million in a relative Read More...

Hawaii is on course to achieve

Hawaii is on course to achieve its carbon neutrality goal

In 2015 the Aloha state expressed its commitment to going completely renewable and carbon neutral by 2045, the most ambitious goal in the US. Hawaii is expected to reach those goals as the state’s main utility company is reaching the final steps of a deal to add seven new solar-plus-storage Read More...