Today’s Solutions: July 21, 2024
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This flexible rent payment app

This flexible rent payment app is helping tenants avoid eviction

The reason that many Americans fail to pay rent on time is not that they don’t earn enough money (although that is a problem too), but because they don’t have enough money at the beginning of the month when rent is due. To tackle this problem, a startup called Till is working with landlords Read More...

Why this startup is giving ren

Why this startup is giving renters a financial stake in their apartments

When someone rents an apartment in a new complex in Columbus, Ohio, they can now also get a financial stake in the building. The property is the first to partner with Rhove, a startup that wants to help shrink the wealth gap between renters and homeowners by offering “rentership,” an asset Read More...

Landlord cancels rent for 3 mo

Landlord cancels rent for 3 months and tells tenants to spend money locally

Although the coronavirus pandemic threw most of us into more than thorny life situations, it’s was incredible to see the powerful acts of shared humanity coming from unlikely heroes. An example of this came from New Jersey, where landlord David Placek, cancelled his tenants rent for three months. Read More...