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Four maki rolls in a row with salmon, avocado, tuna and cucumber isolated on white background.

How healthy is sushi?

Sushi is even more popular outside of Japan than in Japan, and it's pretty popular there too. Traditional sushi is stuffed with fresh fish and vegetables, ingredients usually praised for their health profiles. “Sushi has this halo of being healthy,” says Katherine Zeratsky, a professor of Read More...

six gluten free grains in tear drop bowls

6 super healthy gluten-free grains

Gluten sensitivity is much more common these days, however, those who have sworn off gluten could be missing out on many health benefits and important nutrients. “Even if you’re gluten sensitive, you don’t have to give up all whole grains,” says the author of The South Beach Diet Gluten Read More...

Cooking tip: How to remove tox

Cooking tip: How to remove toxins from rice but keep the nutrients

Rice is nice, but the problem with this widely-consumed food is that it’s very high in arsenic compared to most other foods. In fact, rice absorbs nearly 10 times as much toxic inorganic arsenic as other cereal crops. That’s because rice is grown in flooded rice fields, making it easy for the Read More...