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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024
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Senior hispanic grey- haired woman wearing casual clothes and glasses smiling in love doing heart symbol shape with hands.

New technique reverses damage left by heart attacks

Our hearts are incredible for all that they do— but that said, they aren't great at mending themselves. Consequently, after a heart attack, a lot of scar tissue forms in the heart, making it less pliable and unable to pump blood. Researchers have identified a way to reverse some of the damage Read More...

Scientists in laboratory looking down a microscope to do research.

DNA motors revolutionize tiny biological robotics

Molecular robotics is an area of science that manipulates minuscule materials - like DNA and proteins - to create a biological robot. This may be strange to consider as we usually associate robots with metal, but robots are purely something that can act on their own on behalf of people. We’ve Read More...

Deer tick on a green leaf

Novel mRNA vaccine offers protection against Lyme disease

According to the CDC, there are around 30,000 Lyme disease infections reported in the US every year. This number is likely to be much higher, with estimations of actual infections being eight to 10 times more than those recorded. The little critters responsible for the disease are blacklegged ticks Read More...

Brunette woman with Down syndrome leans against brick wall in a sunhat

Study provides insights into how the brain ages with Down syndrome

A breakthrough study from Sanford Burnham Prebys, has uncovered some of the mysteries surrounding the brains of individuals with Down syndrome. The disorder occurs when people obtain an extra copy of chromosome 21, giving them three instead of two. With one in 700 births carrying this chromosomal Read More...

Inhalable RNA could breathe ne

Inhalable RNA could breathe new life into lung cancer treatments

In the body, messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules are in charge of instructing cells to produce specific proteins, and hijacking this natural system is emerging as a promising new way to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Now, researchers at MIT have developed an inhalable mRNA aerosol that can take the Read More...